Students at our Epic student conferences

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot

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Thanks for visiting my ministry web site. Take a look around and get to know me a bit on my ‘about me’ page, and get familiar with my ministry. Note: On your right, you will find some info about the Asian American or college communities, and another link to the Epic Movement. You will also find on your right, a short video slide show posted made by one our students on the Bay Area Summer Missions Project 09. (It is fun…and yet very special to me and my time there.) I also have some slides of our SF Epic Summer Missions Project as well.

If you are part of my ministry team or considering joining me, please sign up for my email updates in the box to your left. You will receive my monthly newsletters by email in addition to even more frequent updates and prayer requests. I will also have some old newsletters on this website for those who want to read from the past. Also, feel free to read some of my personal blogging entries, they are just random thoughts from lessons and musings from God. I would love to hear from you if God has touched you in anyways through his workings in my life. (Again, it is not a Campus Crusade or Epic blog; but a Margaret Yu personal blog… meaning my personal views are expressed here, and not other groups per se.)

(Look below this page, you will find pictures of my family, friends and ministry events.)

Finally, you will find links to Cru and Epic Movement on this website, as well as information about partnering with me in this ministry. You can learn how to give towards my ministry with Epic and how to invest yourself in what God is doing with Asian American students and even 60 million plus students around the world. I cannot do what I do without God providing a team of prayer and financial supporters who sponsor me with their investment to God and to college students.

Family & Friends:

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