Where YOU are….

Recently while appreciating the beauty of sunset at the Ritz Calrton,
I stumbled across this poem: (I love vacations!)

the life down here is not so bad
it indeed is pretty go0d
the assurance of love and connections
albeit limited is sweet
my heart is content
But my heart longs
to be over there —where You are

where Your glory and love lie
where You are able to shine
in the midst of the darkness
where You reign supreme
where there is no lack

my heart longs for
what I know not of—
only what I dare to dream of
my heart longs for
things and sights unseen
of grandiosity unforetold
my heart longs for home
for home with You
where You are —
with all of Your glory.

Bring me to where You are—
rid my limited obscured ways—
rid of my impatient selfish soul—
Let Your glory pull me in
Let your love overwhelm my inner being
Let You—let me go to
where You are—

I’ll let go if You’d
pull me into Your glory and love
I’d choose Life eternal if
You’d pull my soul besides Yours
I’d choose Love glorious if
You’d burn away the
moss of my pride—

Your glory shines
in the midst of the darkness—
Your glory draws and pulls me
towards Heaven to where You are

Random thoguhts Aug. 12, 2007

***Three months ago, I was driving around in my car and all of a sudden, I began to sing a song in my heart. It is from the song: “I can see clearly now the Rain is gone, all of the obstacles have disappeared, here is the rainbow I’ve been praying for; it’s gonna be a bright bright sunshiny day….Look over here,there is nothing but blue skies….I can see clearly now the rain is gone”
Then it hit me, how I my soul was doing. I felt so liberated as I realised how I have felt the Lord taking my soul from the darkness of the harshness of this past year and sensing a new day in my soul and heart.
It was a great feeling. Then, I began to ponder on how neat it was that God is so into putting a new song in our hearts. Even though, I am not very musical whatsoever, there is something that God puts within my soul that longs to sing about how God has worked in my life.
It was a moment in which I was reminded of the power of music in my heart.
I think being a non musical person may have hinder some of the richness of God in my heart.
I really had to wrestle with how I can change that for my life.

***Here is something I came across recently on my vacation. (It was glorious! To be with God and alone and not think about work, or Kevin or ministry…) But I am so aware of how God provides for us spiritual home places for our soul. What I mean is that for each of us, God sometimes use certain place or environment to help us feel his presence, love and voice in a unique way. For me, it is watching the sun and sunsets. I can recall so often hearing God love and speak to me in the midst of staring at the sun and during sunsets. It is neat that for some of us, it is the mountains…..or the creek….and even a certain time of the day when our soul feels so connected to Him. I am so grateful that God knows me and makes appointments with me at those places in special ways. He is so intricate in how he speaks to all of us.

***I really have to continue to work on anger in my life. God is so good to teach me about my voice…and how anger plays. I feel so young in this area….