Women’s Brunch Update

harvest women Big group picture 09Thanks for praying for our church’s women’s brunch. The fun thing about this was that it was first time that the team was made up of newer Harvest Church women. It was 1/2 by the women’s ministry team and 1/2 new women who wanted to serve. I had the privilege of coordinating our efforts.

Our highlights were hearing 5 women share their passion or ways that they are using their gifts. We also had a moment where we all sang Silent Night. It was as if we all slowed down and realised what this season is all about. We had prayed for women to feel pampered and loved on as well as feeling encouraged to share their gifts to serve God and others. God answered our prayers.

My first Christmas brunch was last year and I loved it. This year was even more fun to just serve and not speak and hear others share. We were very blessed and we felt the Spirit of God upon us. Originally we were a bit nervous with a count of 16 who rsvp’ed. But as with this time of year, we actually saw about 63 join us. It was such a refreshing time for me.

I also highly enjoyed serving with the other women who were so talented and gifted. I loved their hearts for women and serving others. I loved even their heart for women who don’t know God’s love. I believed God was honored by their faith and love and service.

I love my church and what God is doing. Thanks for praying! (Also, had yummy food!)