Campus Crusade for Christ or Cru is a faith missionary agency. What that means: We believe that if God calls us to our assignments for ministry, then, He will surely provide the prayer and financial resources for us to follow that calling. As a Cru member, I believe that as well.

Having been supported for over 28 years means that I have had the awesome privilege of seeing God provide for me in prayer and financial support. I have seen God over and over again provide for all of my needs. I have had the privilege of partnering in the Gospel with God’s people and churches through out the USA. And these partners or team members are amazing people of God that I have had the privilege to know.

In the Scriptures, God commands all of us to tithe at least 10% of our income or resources for him and his ministry, and then, some. In studying the old and new testament, we will see that it is actually more than 10%. The principle is to give to God and to give to God’s people in need. Giving is a privilege of every believer. In doing so, we will cause others to give glory and thanks to God for how he provides.

II Corinthians chapters 8, 9 and Philipians 4 are great passages to read to help gain understanding of this.

As I encourage you to partner with me and my ministry, I would be remiss if I do not say this to you: Please make sure that you are also giving or tithing to a local church. Let me also advise you to not give out of compulsion, but out of a cheerful heart. God tells us that we dont’ have to do anything more to make Him love us more. Thus, we give because He gives us so much and it is all His anyways. Just like we love because He first loved us. So, our giving is also an overflow of relationship with God. It will not make God love us more or less. It is an honor to give and to give to God’s people.

I am unapologetic in asking you to consider giving and investing in my ministry. Why? Because it is God’s ministry. Why? Because I believe in what He is doing through our Asian American staff and students. But while I am passionate about this, I would not ever want anyone to feel pressured in giving. So,please give as the Lord wills. That is the only way to live our lives… the center of God’s will:givng our all to him.

So, will you partner with me by praying for me? (It is 90% of my ministry.) And will you partner or sponsor me also by giving monthly or quarterly to invest in the future of Asian American ministry?

Please contact me if you have any questions or call me. I am also on facebook under my name.

To give financially, click ‘Give Financially’ to go directly to my page at

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