Thanks for praying for the Job Seekers club!

It was a privilege to be able to just share with about 18 job seekers near where I live. It was a God thing to be able to serve them on Dec. 17. Thanks for praying for this opportunity. I sense that God used it.
The club itself is geared towards people who are job seeking; not a spiritual club.

I was asked to share about getting through the holidays while dealing with the stresses of job seeking. I gave a few pointers. But I just shared with them how being a job seeker requires mental and spiritual well being. I just encouraged folks to gain a holistic picture of job seeking. My gift to them was that I brought with me a few books that I had recommended….some Christian, some not. I brought out about 15 and folks took most of these, including one Bible.

I was much encouraged that others were encouraged by what I shared. So, thanks for praying.
Continue to pray for these job seekers and job seekers in our nation. Pray that during these hard times, that people will find their true calling from God to be his children and to live out his purposes.

One overall highlight was that when I finished, some of the club members stood up and said that they were Christian, too and that they encouraged resources for networking at a great church nearby our town. It was neat to see their hearts be so open about their faith with the other club members. My personal highlight was having a friend from my church come out and support me and pray for me during that hour.

God is so good. My cup runneth over that we can serve in the midst of this economical depression.

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